New Logistics Network and Express Shipment Changes

Three Questions – Three Answers

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Q1: How did the parts make it to customers?

A1: We had big surprises here in the manufacturing hub. Government agencies continued to work unpredictably and because international passenger air traffic came to a standstill, it took some time for the new logistics networks to function. That required time, money, and nerves. The logistics firms made abrupt and surprising changes - the definition for express delivery as an example. In some cases, the standard delivery was no longer sufficient, and our delivery promises were in danger.

Q2: What was the most exciting thing?

A2: Goods sent via standard shipping methods had already been cleared and needed to be sent on as express, this was the only way to keep the delivery date promise.  Upgrading the shipment to express was relatively simple, but it also complicated the process and forced our logistics department to take extra steps including confirming and coordinating the newly selected expedited shipping method.

Q3: So quite a mess and not for the faint of heart, especially when it comes to delivering support for medical devices responsible for life and death. What was particularly important during this time?

A3: The challenges and the responsibility grew steadily.  Our internal teamwork at all our three globally dispersed hubs, including home offices and two-shift operation at some locations, went well. The great communication we had with our customers and suppliers also really helped, and customers who had not called us about the latest developments were contacted to make the necessary adjustments.

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