Legacy and latest memory technologies come together at MEMPHIS Electronic booth at embedded world 2023

Addressing the specific requirements of industrial applications, Intelligent Memory, Samsung Semiconductor and SkyHigh Memory are presenting highlights of their product portfolio at the booth of specialty memory distributor MEMPHIS Electronic in hall1, booth 340.

  • Intelligent Memory presents its low-density eMMC flash memory components as well as its legacy, low-density DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 product families.
  • Samsung Semiconductor gives an overview of its industrial portfolio showcasing low power DDR4 and DDR5 components as well as DDR4 and DDR5 modules and enterprise SSD solutions.
  • SkyHigh Memory showcases Serial and Parallel SLC NAND flash memories as well as its eMMC and Multi-Chip Packages combining DDR and NAND.
  • As a special highlight, Neumonda Technology, provides a peak of the first prototype of its revolutionary DRAM test platform that makes application specific long-term testing affordable.

The procurement of components has been very rocky in the past two years. Shortages disrupted manufacturing lines often because just one small component was missing. MEMPHIS identifies the most suitable second and third sourced memory solutions in case the preferred option has delivery issues and stocks demands in its own warehouses to ensure consistent supply.

Visit MEMPHIS Electronic at embedded world in hall 1, booth 340 and claim your free entry ticket with this code: ew23492859

Rendering of the MEMPHIS Electronic booth at embedded world 2023
MEMPHIS Electronic presents at embedded world 2023 with Intelligent Memory, Samsung Semiconductor, SkyHigh Memory and Neumonda Technology