About us

The Company

MEMPHIS Electronic is a globally active company with a 100% focus on memory products. Regardless of the technology; DRAM, SRAM or Flash, and with over 20 manufactures on our line card, MEMPHIS is THE expert for memory selection assistance and sourcing execution.  Founded in Germany in 1991, MEMPHIS Electronic currently operates 16 offices in over 10 countries and employs more than 80 employees.

We have long-standing relationships with all major memory manufacturers, know their product ranges and their technologies as well as both their advantages and disadvantages – allowing us to deliver the best solution based on our customers’ requirements.  With over 20 lines, MEMPHIS Electronic is the leading memory distributor in the industrial sector.  Leveraging strategic partnerships and our own production facilities, we manufacture both customer specific and JEDEC standardized DRAM and flash memory modules.


Our extensive product knowledge and decades of industry experience make us experts in memory solutions.  DRAM, SRAM or Flash, state-of-the-art or legacy, commercial or industrial temperature – We are the perfect partner to help you navigate the complex world of memory.

Customer Service

In all areas of business, our team consists of experts who in addition to many years of industry experience, also have extensive technical know-how and can effectively advise you on the technical feasibility of your application and alternative products.  Our advice is manufacturer-independent and tailored to customer needs – service and support going far beyond that of a typical full-range distributor.  Our advice and service first mentality does not end with the conclusion of the purchase – it is only the beginning.

Holistic Solutions Provider

Our decades of experience have made us both product and market experts.  We don’t only offer a part number with a price.  We offer memory solutions to our customers based on the technical requirements of their specific industry:  Industrial, automotive, IoT, medical, aerospace, telecommunications and many more.  We know the different requirements of the individual industries and the specifications of their technical applications.  This knowledge and experience manifests itself in a truly holistic and customer specific memory recommendation.