Testing Equipment

Test equipment is very important in every manufacturing industry.  You will find it used in the semiconductor industry, automotive, construction, network industry – wherever companies are required to thoroughly test end-products prior to delivery. 

Since test systems must often be significantly more powerful than the product(s) being tested, a high number of processors and substantial DRAM capacity are usually required.  Technologically, the application for DRAM ranges from SDRAM to DDR4, where 8Gbit or even 16Gbit components are often used. 

Modern test systems sometimes use very large flash-based mass storage devices such as 2.5" and m.2 SSDs in the terabyte range.   

Typical applications of memory solutions in test equipment include visual inspection, SoC test systems, memory test systems, test handlers, SSD test systems, electronic test equipment, high-end oscilloscopes, and instrumentation.