Our values

Our primary goal is to understand the problems and requirements of our customers and to find suitable solutions.
Their needs are the focus of all our efforts and their complete satisfaction is our top priority.


We implement sustainability in all its facets of our operation starting with waste separation in the office, through resource-saving office management and RoHs/REACH-compliant products.  We constantly strive to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Nearly three decades of industry experience delivering tailor-made solutions supported by services at the highest levels have allowed us to grow and succeed. Excellent quality is one of our founding tenets and remains a never-ending focus of our efforts.

Respect means awareness, fairness and recognition.  These values ​​are equally important when dealing with both employees and business partners.  Through this common respect, open and honest communication and equality are actively realized.  

Only a functioning team can contribute to the company's success while also delivering our customers’ perfect service. Our employees are experts in their fields and their collective knowledge drives the value of the team. We work tirelessly to provide mutual support and feedback and assume responsibility for our communal decisions.

Our business model is based on providing customers with manufacturer-independent memory solution recommendations. We maintain this independence in order to deliver customer-specific product recommendations based on their needs, not the associated profit margins.  We expressly prohibit professional, personal, financial or other forms of employee dependencies which may complicate this promise. 

We take responsibility for each other and for our actions – both in times of success and failure. Mistakes happen – both in human and technological terms, and Memphis takes responsibility in both cases. 

Trust through reliability. The trust of our customers and our employees is very important to us.  We work cooperatively, openly and honestly to ensure both customers and employees can rely on us.


We deliver standard and customized storage solutions worldwide at better costs, with greater availability and longevity for industrial OEMs and their EMS.


With passion and know-how, we will become the global market leader in storage solutions for industrial OEMs.