Is this the end of the downward spiral in semiconductor memory?

You think July is a slow month? Think again! There’s a lot happening in semiconductor memory.

  • First, it looks like the downward spiral in memory pricing has reached its end. Industry experts all agree that the measures manufacturers have taken to reduce their stock levels are taking effect.
  • Second, 3D technology is gearing up for the next level. New architectures have been introduced that might help scale NAND to reach over 1000 layers and might move 3D DRAM within reach.
  • Third, do you know the DRAM security threat RowPress? And more importantly, do you know how to safeguard against it? Then read on.

Stay on the pulse of development in the market. And most importantly, plan ahead to make sure you have the memory products that you need. Industry experts agree that the market might move to an undersupply fast, as the production output cannot be scaled up that quickly. So do you have the supply you need? Speak with us. We have over 18 memory manufacturers in our line card. We can help - we always aim high (read the newsletter and you will understand 😊).

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