DRAM Innovation goes on even after 55 years!

In June 1968, the patent for a single transistor, single capacitor DRAM cell design idea was granted. This is reason enough for us to celebrate this amazing technology by dedicating this edition to DRAM and its triumphal advance which really is quite unique if you think of it. Not many technologies have a lifespan that covers several decades, especially in semiconductors.

We probably wouldn’t talk about DRAM today if it wasn’t for the continuous innovation that enabled DRAM to scale and evolve pushing the limits of what’s possible. There’s almost no embedded system or even industrial design that can do without DRAM. And while engineers and masterminds continue to work on ways to shrink DRAM cells to 10nm and below, most older DRAM generations are still being used today, as many of our customers know.

And we are proud to say that we have one of the most comprehensive DRAM portfolios in the market in both components and modules. This is thanks to the multiple DRAM vendors among the 18 memory manufacturers that we carry. But did you know that we configure DRAM modules based on your requirements from basically all DRAM components that are available on the market?

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