Customer Success Story ENGICAM

Longterm partnership for sustainable supply chain


Customer: ENGICAM

Industry/Sector: hardware development (CPU modules/ system-on-module)

Headquarter: Florence (Italy)


The customer:  

ENGICAM S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 2004 and fully managed by the owners. The company´s focus is the creation of cutting-edge products and CPU modules based on latest generation of the NXP, STM and Intel processors. ENGICAM designs deliver longevity, robustness and scalability for a complete product range of standard modules and tailor-made solutions based on highly reliable state-of-the-art embedded solutions. The well-known support available during the product development stages, makes the modules the perfect solution for the realization of technologically advanced and robust products with low investment in terms of time and costs. ENGICAM is fully certified by CISQ/IMQ-CSQ according the standard ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for the design and production of electronic systems. Thanks to its expertise and recognized authority, ENGICAM successfully developed collaborations with the key OEMs in consumer, automotive, marine, and railway fields, as well as with small and medium companies operating in niches of the industrial market. 


The challenge:

In 2014/2015 ENGICAM developed several system on modules (SOM) that were based on a NXP i.MX6 processor. These boards use DDR3 memory components. At that time DDR3 components from one of the leading global manufacturer were used and purchased from other distributors. 

When allocation began in 2016, ENGICAM started struggling to procure sufficient DDR3 components. The ongoing production of the i.MX6 based SOMs was in danger.


How MEMPHIS has solved the challenge:

The team at MEMPHIS was able to define an adequate alternative out of their extensive linecard so that the customer was able to ensure the continuous production of their IMX6 based SOMs. The chosen alternative fully met the specification and reliability of the non-sourceable part. Moreover, MEMPHIS offered a call-of contract to ensure stable prices as well as long term product availability for ENGICAM. Coll-of contracts for a variety of components had been made and in the following 5 years, ENGICAM called off hundreds of thousands of DDR components in 1Gbit and 2Gbit densities.



With the advice from MEMPHIS ENGICAM was able to adapt to the new conditions under the allocation at short notice. At the same time MEMPHIS was able to protect ENGICAM against upcoming price increases for the future by offering the possibility to flexibly call products that are stored in the MEMPHIS warehouse. ENGICAM was thus able to maintain the production of their i.MX6 SOMs and do so under constant and calculable production costs.

MEMPHIS was able to establish itself as a trustworthy reliable partner and expert for memory products and ENGICAM wishes for a continuous partnership and equivalent support for their future products. 



Currently ENGICAM is working with the successor product line: the NXP® i.MX 8M Plus series. In cooperation with MEMPHIS, the appropriate memory component will be defined.


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