Statement on Ukraine / Russia war

Impact of Ukraine / Russia war on memory supplies


Dear Customer,


The team at Memphis is appalled by the current events and we sympathize with those affected. We are currently dealing with the same questions as you are and are keeping in contact with our memory manufacturers. Even though we have not received many official statements so far, the overall tenor of the feedback is as follows:


Our chip manufacturers are currently not seeing any direct effects of the war on their production as neither country is a production location for semiconductors. However, the availability of some manufacturing materials is already scarce, and any further pressure could have a consequential impact on supply chains and prices.


Our products are shipped by air, which is currently only slightly affected, and we are front-loading deliveries wherever possible. In addition, our strategy of maintaining company owned warehouses in Germany, Hong Kong and the United States is proving to be a plus point, so that we can fulfil upcoming deliveries and orders as usual in the coming weeks and months.


If you have specific concerns about a product, please get in touch.

Kind regards,

Memphis Electronic