BREXIT & COVID-19 update

Dear Customer,

Even in the current turbulent times, which bring some imponderables with them, we would like to stand by you as a reliable supplier. We inform ourselves daily about the topics BREXIT as well as Covid-19 and react promptly to possible changes.


Current information in relation to Brexit:

The United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, is often referred to as Brexit.

We would like to assure you that MEMPHIS is able to implement this overnight. MEMPHIS is an Authorised Economic Operator and holds an AEO certificate (DE AEOC 113453).

The import and export of our products is part of our daily business. Due to our decades of experience, we can therefore adapt quickly to new circumstances. Delays due to the Brexit may nevertheless occur elsewhere.


Current information in relation to Covid-19:

1) Global status of MEMPHIS Logistic Hubs

MEMPHIS Americas:

  • Ready for in- and outbound shipments
  • Special measures to keep functionality up in place


  • Ready for in- and outbound shipments
  • Special measures to keep functionality up in place


  • Ready for in- and outbound shipments
  • Special measures to reduce staff impact in place


2) Logistic Partners

The dynamic of the current situation results in a complex matrix depending on shipment, customs and destination location. It ranges from simple delays to not be able to ship at all.


  • Some specific areas are not served by freight forwarders. Further areas can be affected independent of their status the day the shipment left our warehouse.
  • The capacity of air freight is reduced due to the fact that passenger air planes use to carry freight, too.
  • Trucks get stucked in border controls and other difficulties

For current information on the part of our shipping service providers, you can make a country-specific query on the corresponding websites at any time.



In general, the situation has clearly improved again.


3) Suppliers

We communicate permanently with our suppliers and manufacturers. This way, we know first-hand that production is stable. Nevertheless, delays can occur at very short notice. In case of this, our sales team has all current and relevant information and can assist our customers with competent advice. Feel free to contact us at any time!


Should the situation in relation to Brexit or Covid-19 change, we will provide you again with current information at this point.