BGA Socket


Evaluate and qualify multiple eMMCs without expensive HW modifications! Just exchange the memory component in the eMMC socket -  this can be easily done in the lab without complicated tools. No need to employ time-consuming resolder or even new board builds.


  • eMMC BGA 153 (11,5 x 13 mm) - socket for Lab usage and evaluation
  • Operational temperature range  - 40° C ~ + 120° C
  • Fitting up to eMMC 5.1 (populated with 46 Pogo Pins)
  • Fitting all eMMC in BGA 153 (11,5 x 13 mm) package



Save time and money with DRAM BGA sockets from MEMPHIS


When it comes to testing and qualifying memory components during hardware development, developers must deal with the ever present problem of swapping these components.  Different products with different parameters or from different manufacturers must be tested, but repeated soldering, removal and replacement of these components is difficult and above all, time-consuming.

MEMPHIS Electronic offers a superior solution for this challenge with the DRAM BGA socket. Simply solder the BGA socket in place of the subject DRAM BGA component and easily test as many different components as needed, for as long as needed!

Create flexibility in the procurement process by qualify a variety of DRAM from different manufacturers.  By simply swapping the components via the socket, time-consuming hardware modifications can be reduced, and the need to build new boards for testing completely eliminated.

Your advantages:

  • A test solution for all DRAM BGA components from any manufacturer
  • Suitable for all DDR3 and DDR4 BGA78 and BGA96 SDRAM
  • Designed for lab use
  • Supports temps from -55 ° C to + 175 ° C
  • Only 2mm base height