MEMPHIS Electronic MBO (Management Buyout) to Drive Global Growth

Memphis Electronic positions itself for growth to address the demand for specialty memory solutions with a Management Buyout supported by Walden International.

In the company’s 30th year of existence, the specialty memory distributor and memory module manufacturer, MEMPHIS Electronic, positions itself for global growth to address the current surge of specialty memory solutions market demand by an exemplary Management Buyout lead by Walden International, a global leading VC (Venture Capital) firm that specializes in technology investments.


As part of this transaction, a new holding company called Neumonda has been established that governs the most complete specialty memory portfolio under its three separate entities as such:


  • MEMPHIS Electronic - A distributor of memory ICs and module solutions will continue to expand its specialty product portfolio and to offer their customers both new and proven memory solutions from a single source.
  • Intelligent Memory - A memory manufacturer that will take its current DRAM focused products portfolio into the next level by expanding it into NAND Flash based storage products offerings and solutions that will be offered through its own growing network of global distributors.
  • Neumonda Technology – A technology focused company who owns substantial IP (Intellectual Properties) for its revolutionary new application-based system-level Tester and Failure Analysis to validate its memory solutions and improve their quality into whole new levels. Its unique offering in the market aims to help manufacturers of memory solutions to navigate the increasingly complex and diversified applications such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Edge Computing.


Specialty memory is a huge growth market that is propelled by digitization and automation in various industries,” said Dr. Hing Wong, Managing Director at Walden International. “We found that Memphis has an unmatched thirty-year market experience, and our coordinated investment will bring this experience and new application testing solutions with sustainable growth to global markets.


The current MEMPHIS Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the former Vice President of Memory Product Development at Qimonda, Prof. Dr. Peter Poechmueller, as well as Marco Mezger, the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President of Memphis Electronic will lead the new holding company.


Prof. Dr. Peter Poechmueller will continue to drive innovation as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a strong focus on Neumonda Technology to further expansion of its IP portfolios.


Marco Mezger, is a thought leader in the semiconductor industry and will drive the global expansion of Neumonda and its subsidiaries as Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Operating Officer (COO).


"The recent pandemic has accelerated technology usage across all industries by huge factor and is driving the tremendous demand for specialty memory and storage," explains Marco Mezger. "With our new corporate structures, we are creating a unique memory competence in the market that addresses the need for memory and storage solutions along the entire value chain and will enable us for global success and growth."


About MEMPHIS Electronic

MEMPHIS Electronic is a leading specialized distributor for memory ICs, memory modules and NAND flash solutions. Founded in 1991 the company has 30 years of experience in the market. With a 100 percent focus on memory and a portfolio of over 20 manufacturers, MEMPHIS Electronic provides a wide range of memory solutions for demanding embedded applications. Memory experts in twelve locations worldwide provide regional support and manufacturer recommendations, to ensure the most suitable technology solution for their customer ́s projects.


About Walden International

Walden International is a leading international venture capital firm that has provided investors access to cross-border, IT opportunities with the advantage of an unrivaled pan-Asia network since 1987. The firm's funds total US$2.6 billion in committed capital. Walden International has invested in over 500 companies in 12 countries, with more than 100 IPOs on 15 Stock Exchanges and more than 70 M&A exits.

Neumonda Holding Management - Marco Mezger (COO), Prof. Dr. Peter Poechmueller (CEO)
Neumonda Holding Management - Marco Mezger (COO), Prof. Dr. Peter Poechmueller (CEO)
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Neumonda Logo